Air Receivers

OZair Pty Ltd stocks air receivers of different sizes and configurations. Vertical and horizontal receivers are generally stocked. Any variation outside the normal stock can be specially ordered and delivered. All ancillary requirements including pressure gauges, safety valves and drain valves can be discussed at order stage to ensure the appropriate sizing to meet the compressor system requirement is obtained. All air receivers are supplied with Manufacturers Data Report to ensure legal obligations for registration with the local government authority. The air receiver (pressure vessel) plays an integral part in the compressed air system.

Air Receivers

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  • Bar: 10 - 14.5
  • Volume: 115 - 2900L
  • Pressure Range: Higher Pressures on Application

Primary uses:

  • Compressed air buffering (storage). Provide short term air demands that exceed the capacity of the air receiver
  • Reducing electric motor starts
  • First stage water separation

OZair Pty Ltd can assist with the inspection and registration of new and existing air receiver installations.


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