If you are experiencing problems with water in your air OZair are experts in condensate management.

Water in compressed air lines can cause major problems and it needs immediate attention. Lubricant can wash away from pneumatic tool parts which reduces protection for equipment and may result in

  • Increased wear and tear.
  • Premature failure of equipment.
  • Higher air consumption.
  • Higher maintenance costs.
  • Moisture freezing at the point of exhaust and reducing tool efficiency.
  • Internal corrosion of piping.
  • Poor finishes in spray paint applications due to blistering.

A Refrigerated Dryer System is the answer.

It will drain moisture from the receiver tank. The air will then go through a pre-filter, refrigerated air dryer and final filtration.

This will remove approximately 90% of water.

OZair are experts in Condensate Management contact us now to get things fixed fast.


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